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 what is mig33 level and what are their power on mig33

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PostSubject: what is mig33 level and what are their power on mig33   Thu May 10, 2012 7:49 pm

What is migLevel?

- migLevel reflects your status in mig33.
- You can find your migLevel in your Profile. (eg. below: Level 3)


- As you gain migLevels, you will get migPowers in mig33.
- The higher your migLevel, the more migPowers you will have.
How does migLevel work??

- migLevels are based on a combination of time, activtiy and how much you help build the mig33 community.
- Many of the activities have an impact on migLevel (e.g. how much you chat, how popular your profile is, or how many referrals you make)
- The number next to your image displays you exact migLevel.
What are the features that requires migLevel?

- migWars: migLevel 1
- Avatars: migLevel 5
- Leaderboard: migLevel 5
- Create Room: migLevel 10
- Post Wall: migLevel 10
- Vote/Rate: migLevel 10
- mini Blogs: migLevel 10
- Groups/Forum: migLevel 20
What are migPowers?

- migPowers allow you to do special things in mig33. For example, at migLevel 5 you can begin to view our leaderboards.
- At higher levels, you get the migPower to set up larger chat rooms, or even create groups that allows you to link your chatrooms.
- As mig33 grows, we will continue to add new migPowers, especially at the higher migLevels.
What migPowers do I have at the start?

- You will start with migLevel 1 as soon as you login.
What happens if I try to do something that I don’t have the migPower for?

- You will get a notification that you need to be a higher migPower to do that activity. Just use mig33 more, grow your migLevel, and then you can use the migPower
How long will it take me to get a migBot?

- If you’re an active user of mig33, you should get a migBot within a few days! But the higher the migLevel, the longer it takes.
How does mig33 know when I have gained a new level?

- When you do stuff in mig33, you grow toward the next migLevel.
- When you’ve done enough cool things for long enough, our system automatically promotes you to your new migLevel.
How does mig33 tell me when I have a new migLevel?

- Check your Profile often! Your migLevel is always displayed on your Profile.
Can I use credits to gain migLevels?

- No! migLevels can only be gained through activity on mig33.
Do all activities in mig33 contribute to my migLevel?

- Bad ones don’t.
Can Customer Service change my migLevel?

- No way!
What migLevel do Admins have?

- migLevels and Admins are separate. An Admin earns their migLevel like any other user. Also, migPowers and Admin powers do not overlap.
Can I become an Admin if I attain a very high migLevel?

- People with high migLevels are usually important people in the mig33 community. However, we have not changed the process for selecting Admins.
How did mig33 set user’s migLevels at first?

- All new users from August 2009 start at the lowest level. User who joined mig33 before that were assigned a migLevel based on their time and activities on mig33.
How many levels are there in the migLevel?

- There are a more than a few. Some have yet to be discovered!
Can I drop to a level below if I am inactive?

- No.
If I get kicked or banned, do I lose my migLevel?

- Your migLevel is associated with a specific username and cannot be transferred to another username. If a username is banned, then this username will no longer be able to use mig33.
Can I combine or move migLevels between my multiple IDs them?

- No.
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what is mig33 level and what are their power on mig33
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