we heartly welcome you all here to fullfill your needs of softwares and applications if you need any help and support and want to know more than please donot hesitate to contact to mr.anthany dhakal the founder of this site : mig33 username :anthany_nbs / anth4ny mobile number :9779842796072 / 9779806008007 email address : adanthanynbs@gmail.com / anthany_nbs@yahoo.com / anthany_nbs@mig33.com thank you ! !!!!!

all about mig33 we deal here,,,,,,,,,,,,, All mig33 tools,bots, highlvl ids, short ids, multy ids,merchantsip,credits,mig33 t-shrts available here.
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 some discussion about mig33

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PostSubject: some discussion about mig33   some discussion about mig33 Icon_minitimeTue Mar 12, 2013 3:58 pm

Mig33 is a free download Java application that brings services like Mig33 mobile social networking, Instant Messengers, VoIP, SMS into your mobile phone enabled with GPRS service. All Mig33 stuffs are available here.
some discussion about mig33 Mig33
some discussion about mig33 Mig33-in-coffee-shop

Here you can get all information about Mig33, how to use and where to download mig33, all mig33 stuffs like mig33 tricks, tips, news, codes for free. Below, I’ve explained everything about Mig33 & given all useful links for Mig33 Mobile Social Community.

In simple, On Mig33, You can
meet new friends through mig33 chat rooms
private messages/chat feature
use most of the IM (Instant Messengers like GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Live, ICQ, AIM etc ) on mobile phones
share picture with friends
scrapbook and picture album feature
limited free calls
limited free SMS
chat room fun
play games with friends
send gifts to friends
create own chat room and can control it
mig33 community
mig33 groups
get free credits for invited friends joined in mig33
cheap international calls
Cheap international SMS
credits vouchers or re charging facility
earn money through mig33 merchant position
able to use on all Java enabled mobile phones with GPRS activated
able to use on any computer with Internet connected
use less packets of Data/GPRS/Internet
loading is fast
How to use Mig33?
There many ways to use mig33 and it’s service. You can either use mig33 on a GPRS enabled mobile phone or directly from Mig33 website. Also there are many tools to use mig33 on your PC which is having many special features.

Steps to use Mig33 on Mobile
make sure that you are using a GPRS enabled mobile phone.
make sure that GPRS is active and can be accessed through an application on your mobile phone
Download and install mig33 directly from your mobile phone’s default browser by opening m.mig33.com or m.mig33.com/download.php
Now open the installed mig33 application on mobile, you will be asked to network setup and you must do it
After network setup has been done, you will be asked to login or register
If you do not have a mig33 account, you must click register and fill all forms given and register. Within some minutes an SMS with your username, password and an Authentication Code will be received on the mobile number where you give as input while registering.
Now you must login using the username and password that you created while registering. You will be prompted to enter your Authentication Code that you received with the SMS. If you have an active mig33 account, you can just click login and fill the form with your username and password.
Now you can take settings and add IMs like yahoo, gtalk, msn etc by giving their username and password, also there will be many options to play around with.
Now you can enter in any chat room by taking chat room from menu or from chat room tab. You can also search for chat rooms by inputting any keywords and enter inside it.
You can now make many friends from chat rooms, can date with someone, play games in chat rooms, can communicate with people all over the world etc. Have fun with the virtual world created by mig33.
Steps to use Mig33 on PC if you have a registered mig33 account
Open www.mig33.com on your favorite web browser on your PC
Click on the Login button on top navigation menu or go to http://www.mig33.com/login.php
Enter your username and password and Login
Steps to use Mig33 on PC if you DO NOT have a mig33 account
Open www.mig33.com
click register button on top navigation menu or go to www.mig33.com/register.php
Enter all necessary information and register {click on i accept join now button}
Within some minutes an SMS with your username, password and an Authentication Code will be received on the mobile number where you give as input while registering fromMig33.
Now after receiving SMS open login page again www.mig33.com/login.php
Enter your username and password and login
Now you prompted to enter the Authentication code that you have received through SMS from Mig33
Your account will be successfully activated
Now you can change any settings, or can add other Instant Messages to your account
Now you can enter in any chat rooms and have fun with them
Mig33 Forums
There are hundreds of forums that support mig33, but you will NOT get all latest mig33 news, mig33 info, mig33 tricks, mig33 tips, etc on all these forum. So I recommend you to visit this: Mig33 Forums.

Mig33 Free Support Center or Help
So many blogs and forums are giving support or helping mig33 users, but most of them are giving wrong information about mig33. However, we are providing you the best mig33 support. I’ve been using mig33 for years and an active mig33 user. I’ve created many mig33 tricks and tips to help mig33 users and are giving tech support for mig33 users in many forums and in chat rooms. And I’ve good contacts with many mig33 staffs and mig33 masters. If you need our tech support or real hep for playing around in mig33, or need to ask and clarify your mig33 doubts or need to get more information about mig33 and share your mig33 life or experience with others, you may visit and register for free at our FreeZonal’s official mig33 support center : Mig33 Forum. Hurry up, Registration is completely free now!

About Mig33
Mig33 was actually released in the mid of December of 2005 and has quickly spread around the world. More than 27 million users in over 202 countries are using Mig33. The founders of Mig33 are Steven Goh and Mei Lin Ng.

How did Mig33 Start?
The Mig33 official website has published that the concept for mig33 originated in a library coffee shop, between Steven Goh and Mei Lin Ng, who are the founders of Mig33. They sat down with a blank piece of paper in that coffee shop and a goal to figure out a way for teens/students to send text messages (SMS) as much as they wanted for cheap rates. Ideas brewed on that piece of paper by those persons which led to mig33.

Mig33 Traffic Details
Mig33 has majority of its users from Indonesia. Around 23% of the Mig33 users are from Indonesia, 17% of mig33 users are from India, 12% from South Africa, 8% are from Egypt, 7% from Oman, 6% from Bangladesh, 5% Saudi Arabia, 4% from Mozambique, 3% from Nepal, 2% from Sudan, 1 % from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12% from other countries like , Pakistan, Maldives, USA, Sri Lanka, UK, Russia etc. Note: Around 40% of mig33 users from Gulf countries are Indians. Disclaimer: This statistics is not the real traffic information about mig33 website bit it is the combination of Google trends [ http://trends.google.com/websites?q=mig33.com ] and Alexa traffic statistics [ http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/mig33.com ].

Mig33 Tricks, Tips and News
You can get most of the mig33 tricks on my post: All latest Mig33 tricks. If you need to get access to more free and working mig33 tricks and to read all mig33 Tips and Latest Mig33 News, you must visit : http://www.freetechy.com/mig33/ and register for free to get all mig33 secrets.

Follow Mig33 Updates on Twitter
You can get our latest Mig33 updates on Twitter. For that you can Follow us on Twitter : http://twitter.com/mig33s

About this Mig33 Article
You are not allowed to copy and publish contents from this page in your website/blog/forum. But you can publish some part of it by giving proper link back to this page. This Mig33 article is prepared by pratish-@mig33.com. mig33 id: pratish-

Mig33 Updates and Suggestions
If you need us to update or correct any mistakes of this article about Mig33, please feel to contact us

Share this Mig33 Article free
If you need to share this article with friends, you are welcome to do this. For that you may use the following services by clicking on those buttons. Eg; You can share this page in Facebook by clicking on the Facebook icon listed below and can share on twitter by clicking on twitter button. So share this exclusive best article about Mig33 with your friend and show your love to Mig33, by using as many sharing services buttons given below for FREE.
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some discussion about mig33
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